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Selected Archived Lair Log Entries

Nostalgia & Nature
Honoring the Arts
Night Music in Lampasas
Zanzibar Soap
The Space Shuttle and The Farrier
Visit to San Miguel
Party Time
Christmas and Other Gifts
The Lake and The Rookery
Moonlightning Studio
Honoring Their Memory
Ancient Documents
Working With Jeremy Sutton
The Wildlife Pond
Following The Muse
Appreciating Quail
Suitcase Co. and Teaching Co.
Scrapbook Pictures
A Quandary With Space
War Comes to America
Color Schemes
Lotus and Losing Jimmy
Raccoons and White-winged Doves
Finches and OBX
Wyoming Wildlife
Summer Activities
Kyodai Mahjongg
Lots of Humming Birds
My Doll Exhibit
Hummers, Moths, Donkeys and Ropers
Telescopes, Astrophotos and Losing Sally
Wild West Yorkshire Invades The Lair
Doll Class Dolls and Wildlife
Roadrunner and Other Creatures
Boup, Fox, Doll Heads
Cloth Dolls Merri, Finagain and Carlotta Cook
Peony Rose and Hedwick
The Great Doll Caper
Hand Spindles and Church Windows

A Dragon and Other Things
Witches, Wool & Other Things


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