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June 5, 1999: Today seems to be a day to honor the arts at The Lair. We have some examples of paintings, some really creative writing here in this entry, and some pictures of a special dance taken from the physical Lair Log.

Among our traditions here, we observe certain ceremonies and rituals when appropriate. I think I have told you about our tradition of sprinkling wildflower seeds on the land to honor the birth of a baby or to celebrate the life of a loved one who has died, recording an account of the occasion in a little book called "Celebrations of Life."

Another tradition we have followed is to have a special "house blessing" when we change our residence. Before we moved into this house, our friends Al and Beverly Solomon, who were instrumental in our finding this lovely place, came over and we had a dedication ceremony, asking blessings on the house and all who enter here. They brought gifts of an excerpt from The Book of Common prayer, music, their fun and cooperation in following my zany suggestions, and, knowing Farris well, they brought him a special gift: incense that is supposed to help generate MONEY when burned! We had a great time together, part in fun and part serious and meaningful. (Al and Beverly own the historical Moses Huges Ranch, a great Bed and Breakfast stop down the road from us.) And then my dear friend and mentor Dr. Charles Ogilvie came and blessed the land by putting a Cheyenne Medicine Wheel in a special place by the creek. Another blessing I have not told my cyberfriends about is the day Tipp and Sharon's daughter, Teresa, was visiting us. Terri is a professional dancer and as we were visiting, I asked, "Terri, would you dance a blessing through the house?" Immediately, she jumped up and danced through all the rooms. I want to share some of that beautiful, joyful energy with you today. Note the expression on her face in the last picture. There is not a doubt in my mind that some of that radiance remains in this house for the rest of us to enjoy!

Terri Dances a House Blessing

Do you see why we treasure these pictures in our Lair Log?

I am beginning to paint digital paintings. I created this one this week:

The Ice Temple

I sent the above picture to our daughter Camilla in an email with some editorial comment, such as "Oh, My, what is this Ice Temple? It looks like it is in an energy field or vortex! What do you think is happening?" And I loved the reply I received. I like the way my daughter, son Mitch, daughter-in-law Tresa and sister-in-law Jene enter into these playful games with me. Here is Camilla's reply:

"Quite simple. See, when the moon goes down each night, it has to go recharge, so it can shine the next night. The pyramid is God's recharger for the moon. Here you see it being lowered on to the charger...

The egg shape is actually a unicorn embryo waiting to burst forth. Unicorn babies thrive on moonbeams, so their eggs are left by the moon charger. When the moon wakes up refreshed each night, he smiles at the egg and nourishes the little unicorn within with a few moonbeams. Not too many, or the baby will break through the shell too soon!

Shhh! Listen...I think I hear the little egg inhabitant's crystalline giggles..."

Didn't I tell you we would have some creative writing today? I smile every time I read that. Dare I ask? Hmmmm...Okay, I will! What do YOU think is happening in that picture?

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