Peony Rose and Hedwick

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February 17, 2007: I am introducing my latest cloth doll creation here.


This is Peony Rose, a fairy princess whose task
is to hang the proper colors in the sky when the people
need to see a rainbow.
Peony Rose is made from
designer Allison Marano's Uilleanne pattern.

doll side
 Although she appears to be sitting, the doll is kneeling.
doll face

One feature of this pattern is instructions to make polymer clay eyes, bake them, size them,
paint them and insert them in to the cloth doll face. I made these eyes and plan
to make more because they pick up light like a human eye does.
Tiny applied eyelids hold in the clay eyes. Another feature is to make the tiny eyelashes of organza.
This doll is sixteen inches tall, and measures nine and a half inches high kneeling. She has stitched on limbs and fully articulated fingers.
Her face is needle sculpted and painted with colored pencils and acrylic paint.
Her hair is of fancy yarn and is stitched on. Another feature of this pattern is that there is no pattern
for the clothing. Ms. Marano has included instructions for taking two lengths of material and draping,
designing the dress according to the current doll maker's own design and stitching the clothing to the doll.
I added another piece of organza for the bow on her left shoulder. Her underpants are two peony petals.
Her wings are made of pale blue organza to which I added iridescent white Angelina fibers that project the rainbow colors of the doll's clothing.
Peony Rose has a different fairy name, but she refused to tell it to me, insisting I call her by the name presented here.

Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I posted doll heads I had made as part of my Advanced Doll Design class and I posted two of them as what I considered absolute failures. Most doll designers disagreed that any of my heads were failures and Kate Erbach, my designer and doll maker friend asked for my two "failures" to show me they could be made into wonderful dolls. She made the first head into Farris, the Carpet Elf and he can be seen here. You will have to scroll down on the left to the two dolls with the name of Farris.

Well, the other "failure" head was for a female doll and Kate said she could be made into a beautiful woman. I laughed and said that she reminded me of my first grade teacher named Hedwick who scared all of us little first graders out of our skins; she did this for generations, even my sister Lynette, who came along ten years later. I said the doll would look like a tough prison warden with that face. Did Kate ever prove me wrong! She made Hedwick as a young woman and she is lovely. Kate also wrote a story about the doll Hedwick, made it into a little book including pictures, which she stitched and bound. Here is Kate Erbach's creation of Hedwick; my only contribution is the head/face.
Kate made the lounge and all other accoutrements; it has a long rolled pillow behind Hedwick, and a lovely silk pillow on which her arm rests. She made the doll's body, clothes, and the leather shoes and added the long curly wig and the jewelry.
I will merely summarize the fictional story. Hedwick was in love with Raoul, a handsome fellow who worked in his parents' diamond mine in Argentina and they became engaged (note the rock on Hedwick's left hand). Raoul was supposed to come for the wedding, but some grave problems intervened in Argentina and during that trip Raoul was reduced to smuggling diamonds into this country in an effort to save his family's business. He was caught at the border and was not given the opportunity to contact Hedwick. Alas, she waited and waited and when Raoul did not come for her or contact her she was broken hearted because she thought he had betrayed her. She grieved for a long time and then decided that in order to get on with her life she would go to college and become a teacher. Knowing she could never trust enough again to marry and would probably never have children, she became bitter. She relished her power over the children in her class and tended to take her bitterness out on her little charges.
How different her life might have been had Raoul only been able to contact Hedwick and explain why he was unable to come for her!

Kate and I sent this doll to my sister Lynette, since she even had heart palpitations due to her fear of her  first grade teacher and because she is facing shoulder surgery  soon and we want the fun of this caper to cheer her up. I had the doll here for a couple of weeks and it was really hard to part with her. As Lynette says, pictures do not do any of these dolls justice, they must be seen to understand how magical they are. Especially dolls made by Kate Erbach. They are awesome in their quality of execution and beauty.

Lots of birds have been feeding outside my window in the cold weather and I caught these pictures:
Cardinal, White Crowned Sparrow and Mourning Dove

white crowned sparrow
Male White Crowned Sparrow
femail white crowned sparrow
Female White Crowned Sparrow
femail cardinal
Female Cardinal. Beautiful in her own right,
although the brilliant coloring of the male
sometimes causes her plumage to be

birds in snow
The birds really covered the feeders and suet during the snow
we had a week or so ago.

I love watching the birds feeding as I work in the studio. The white crowned sparrow female was hopping so fast this is the best picture I could get of her through the window.

Until next time, stay warm!

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