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Art by Rheba Kramer Mitchell
I paint and write under the name Kramer Mitchell

This gallery contains multiple pages

All of the paintings on this page are made entirely on the computer.

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Digital Collage

The process of making digital collages, which I learned from Jeremy Sutton (see also the account of his visit to The Lair by clicking here), is labor intensive and much fun. One can generate a large number of components for the collage, paint them, draw them,  and meld parts of them into each other and ultimately into the final composite. Collages in digital art involve cutting and pasting (on the computer), painting, using scanned found objects, photographs and drawings just as making collage requires in studio art. The programs I use are Corel Painter, Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Kai's Power Tools 3, 5 and 6, and other programs; I also employ my HP Scanner, my Sony Digital camera, my computer Titania,  my Wacom pad and pressure sensitive stylus, and my skills learned in  years of studying and pursuing the making of paintings. Ancient documents, samples of friends' handwriting, pictures of ancestors and my classmates, the product of many years of keeping journals, of research into timely subjects, my love of mystery and my fascination with color and texture also play into the collages I create. 

My collage page has some special collages on it, some of which I regard as my heirloom pieces, for they include snippets of my history, ancestors' pictures and my memories. 

 I hope you enjoy them. 

Kramer Mitchell

bebe and john

This is the premier collage, on which Jeremy Sutton and I collaborated.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the larger images. Some take a while to download.

russell's land

women dancing

winter millinery

removing_the_veil.jpg (71280 bytes)

lights camera

M. Russell's Land
Heritage Series

Women's Rites
Heritage Series

Smart Winter Millinery
Heritage Series

Removing the Veil

Lights, Camera, Action

joker's wild

powell +twelvetrees

the tender touch

terrible microphone

pure magic

Joker's Wild

The Quentessential

The Tender Touch

The Sound Bites

Pure Magic 


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Last revised: November 26, 2010

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