Digital Art 3

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This gallery contains multiple pages.

All of the paintings in this gallery are made entirely on the computer.

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture.

rock-haven_prisma.jpg (57344 bytes)

6edith_oils.jpg (40786 bytes)

our pond

guardian.jpg (43550 bytes)

emeraldpool_oil.jpg (48379 bytes)

Rock Haven, The Lair
Digital Colored Pencil

Edith Sketching
Digital Oil 

Our Pond 
Digital Watercolor

Guardian of the Gate
Digital Oil

Beside the Emerald Pool
Digital Oil

Zig Zags With Sphere
Mixed Media

Scepter: Eye of the Goddess
Digital Oil

The Candle
Digital Watercolor

Digital Oil

Prairie Wind
Mixed Media

Land of the Lavender Sun
Mixed Media

Desdemona's Rocket Ship Breaks the Cosmic Barrier
Mixed Media

Creatures of the Pond  (86k)
Mixed Media

Lair Impressions: Fall
Digital Acrylic

Oil Impasto

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Last revised: November 26, 2010

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