Digital Art 4

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This gallery contains multiple pages.

All of the paintings in this gallery are made entirely on the computer.

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger picture.

abstract painting

dragon_moon.jpg (67808 bytes)

hunters_beneath_sea_opt.jpg (46471 bytes)

stydyincontrasts_opt copy.jpg (61058 bytes)

floral abstract

Through the Window
Digital Watercolor and Digital Chalk

Night of the Dragon Moon
Mixed Media

Hunters Beneath the Sea
Digital Watercolor

Study in Contrasts
Mixed Media

Abstract Floral 1
Digital Watercolor

root memories


bell tower

sails in sunset


Root Memories
Digital Oil
2003 Kramer Mitchell and all its licensors and vendors

Digital Pastel

Bell Tower
Digital Pastel

Sails in the Sunset

Digital Watercolor


Digital Acrylic

tree paintint

azalea_blossom.jpg (57423 bytes)

bird painting



Wyoming Tree

Digital Pastel

Azalea Blossom

Digital Airbrush

Mixed Media & Collage
2003 Kramer Mitchell and all its
licensors and vendors


Digital Liquid Ink


Digital chalk & Colored Pencil

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