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In this gallery I display cloth dolls--dolls I have made from fabric or yarn.


These are my first dolls, made in 2005

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

doll group

doll group

green girl doll

two dolls

wrapped doll

These are the first
dolls I ever made.
The baby dolls and bear
are from a pattern
by Antonette Cely
designed expressly
for making dolls to give
to a needy child.
The two primitives
are stitched entirely
 by hand; their patterns
are by E.J. Taylor.
All of these dolls
were donated to our
local Rainbow Room

My own designs.
The three smaller
dolls are from my
fracTalisman line of
dolls in which I print my
fractal designs to fabric
and make the dolls from
that fabric.
The two larger dolls
have computer generated
faces printed to fabric.
photo by Libby Bluntzer

This is Green Girl
made from a pattern
by designer Patti Culea
Picture taken at an exhibit
at our local Needlework show.


These art dolls were
also featured
in the exhibit
On the left is a wrapped doll
 and on the right is
Crazy Alice

This wrapped art doll
was made for a friend.



The following five dolls were made while taking an online cloth doll making course, Cloth Dollmaking for Everyone,  with Judi Ward.  The doll and clothing  patterns are by Judi Ward, the interpretation

of the patterns is my own. Angelique is the simplest doll; each subsequent doll taught additional advanced techniques.

The full stories and construction details about these five dolls can be found in the Lair Archives here.


Angelique doll

Maria doll

Susannah doll

Jennifer doll

Catilina doll

Level 1 doll.
 The little horns were
inspired by a toddler
dressed as an
 angel with horns
for trick or treat one year.

Level 2 doll

Level 3 doll

Level 4 doll

Señorita Catalina Cortez
Level 5 doll



balerina doll

kokopelli doll

milli doll

doll shoes

milli's back


Malina the Wanna Be Ballerina
from a vintage pattern by L.M. Coons
published in  the December 1979 issue
of National Doll World magazine

My interpretation
of a pattern by
Li Hertzi

Milli  reigning over her milieu.
She is a French Boudoir doll that I made
for Judi Ward's Milli class from a pattern
by Judi Ward.
The doll has fully articulated fingers,
 a head that turns,
finger nails extending beyond
the tips of  her fingers,
attached eyelids,  real eyelashes
 and lightly needle sculpted face that
I painted with acrylic paints.
She has a little heart tattoo on her right thigh.

Her fancy shoes.


Milli is wearing a dress of cream lace and satin brocade
 with a skirt yoke of striped metallic fabric
 that gradates from burgundy to red to orange.
Her underskirt is of burgundy tulle.
She wears a little pearl and ruby choker
and a chiffon bow and spray of pearls 
 in her hair.I  added   pearl trim
and roses to Milli's décolleté neckline.

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