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In this gallery I display cloth dolls--dolls I have made from fabric or yarn.


Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.


doll_side view

doll face


donella's face

Peony Rose
from designer Allison Marano's
Uilleanne pattern
Peony Rose is a
fairy princess whose
task is to hang the proper colors
in the sky  when the people
need to see a rainbow.

Peony Rose is kneeling
and has stitched joints. Her hair is made
 of fancy yarn that is stitched on. Her clothing is
an illusion, made of two pieces of organza draped
and stitched directly on the doll. Her underpants
are made of two peony petals.
Her fingers are fully articulated and her face is needle
sculpted and painted with colored pencils and acrylic.

A unique feature
of this doll is that she
has inset clay eyes that
I made, baked, painted and
inserted in the cloth face following
directions in the pattern;
Tiny applied eyelids hold in the eyes
and her tiny eyelashes are made of chiffon.

This is Donella,
a 32 inch Day of the Dead
doll made from
a pattern by
Sherry Goshen.
Information about the
Day of the Dead festival
can be found here .

Donella's face is
decorated in the style
of the skulls on her dress
fabric--the style in which
the sugar skulls made for
the festival are decorated in
icing. This skull is made
of paper clay and is sealed,
glazed and painted with
acrylic paints.


Kaydi up close

is a belly dancer.
She is my interpretaion
of a pattern
by Australian designer
Lynne Butcher.
Her face is needle sculpted
and was painted with
colored pencils, gel pins
and acrylic paint.

Kaydi is made of
craft velour, and her
costume is made of
chiffon, velvet and a
specialty fabric with
metallic threads. Beads,
sequins, rhinestones
lace and gold braid complete
her costume.

This is a design collaboration
with Kate Erbach when she
visited me over a year ago. I
had made the face. Kate showed
me how to make the stuffed hair
and I later adapted the body design from
a sketch by her. Justine wanted a
tattoo which I would not allow so
she found her own solution.
The fabrics in this doll are batik.
She is 30 inches tall.

This unnamed doll is my
interpretation of a Garden Party
Doll pattern by Anne Hesse.
I designed and
hand beaded the face.
She usually holds a
bouquet of flowers. 

This doll is my
interpretation of
Kate Erbach's
Treasure Keeper
pattern. It is made
of beautiful fabric
that mimics Japanese
paper designs. Her
arms and hands are wired
to hold a special treasure.



This witch doll is made
from a a pattern by
Kate Erbach.

Her body is made of craft velour
and her bodice and upper skirt is of chiffon.
Her underskirt and hat are made of cotton.
Her boots are painted on.

Her face is painted with
acrylics, colored pencils and
watercolor pencils.
She is shown with her cat Smudge



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