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In September, 2004 I bought a Minolta Dimage A2 digital camera to take to London and Paris and it was perfect for that job. I am pleased with the camera.

 In November, I found out that a pair of Bald Eagles had a nest near Llano, Texas that was very visible from the road. We went to investigate. Once again, technology has drained my pocket book and enriched my life beyond all expenditure of money.

The most generous group of photographers I have ever met were there and I spent a lot of time with them learning just what camera would suit my needs to photograph wildlife (the Minolta is not an SLR and does not have a strong enough telescopic zoom lens for taking wildlife pictures), and what lenses would work for what I want. I did my homework and then agonized for about six weeks over the costs,  bit the bullet, went to Precision Camera and Video in Austin, Texas and bought a Canon 20 D digital SLR with an L series 100-400mm lens and a 17-85mm wide angle lens. Then the fun began. The pictures in this gallery are taken with either of these two cameras, mostly the Canon 20D.

The Bald Eagles
The nest was about 179 yards away from the roadside.
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feeding eaglet


eaglets posing


This was the best I could do with the Minolta Camera

This is what I got using the 400 lens on the Canon 20D

This was taken with the 400 lens
and a 2x extender

Eaglets posing shortly before they fledged

Practicing, preparing to fly






A unique thing about this nest is that a male and two females tended it. That is rare. This is one of the females with the eaglets.

The male at the right had brought a fish and was feeding the eaglets. Female is on the left.

The female encourages the male to leave so she can take over the food and feeding the eaglets.

I'm out of here! he says.

It won't be long now!



eaglet flying

lunch arrives

beginning flyby

Bringing home the--uh--fish!

Watching over the nest. If a strange bird approached the adults warned them away.

Eaglet leaving the nest.

Lunch arrives

Notice the eagle at right approaching at full speed.






This is one of my favorite pictures.
 She flies by
 so fast she looks like she is
leaving speed trails.

This begins a great series of three.
The male is leaving the nest. Going...



Some of the photographers
at the site.

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